British Standard Colour BS 4800 colours

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Characteristics fan deck:
- more then 475 colours
- size 55 x 145 mm (2,17" x 5,53")
- colour stripe 18 x 55 mm (0,71" x 2,17")
- 5 colour swatches per page
- more then 90 pages
The British Standard Colour fan contains: BS4800 for paint colours used in building construction, BS5252 for colour-coordination in building construction, BS2660 Colours for building and decorative paints and BS381 for colours used in identification, coding and others purposes. Please note the fan decks do NOT include the colour names are printed as there are no official names to BS colours and paint companies may refer to these colours with a variety of different names. The names below are the most commonly used names. Every effort is made to match the BS colours as closely as possible. Using the fan deck is for your own risk.
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