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British Standard Colour Fan Decks                                                    
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Full British Standard
colour fan
BS 4800: 2011 BS 5252 BS 381C : 1996  BS 2660: 1996 
The "Full British Standard colour fan" is available exclusively from this site to represent the colours from BS 4800, BS5252, BS2660 and BS381C [Note: Every effort is made to match the BS colours as closely as possible.] This colour-fan from the British Standards Institute contains 120 colour patches 150mm x 50mm, one colour to a leaf. [Please note this does NOT include BS381C colours]. Colour references are included but no colour names are printed as there are no official names to BS 4800 colours and paint companies may refer to these colours with a variety of different names. We have tried to include as many name references as possible in the BS 4800 colour chart. [made by BSI.] This large BS 5252 fan from British Standards Institute  is the British Standard framework for colour co-ordination for building purposes and incorporates derived standards such as those for paints (BS 4800), vitreous enamel (BS 4900), plastics (BS 4901), sheet and tile flooring (BS 4902).  [Please note this does NOT include BS381C colours, made by BSI.].
British Standards Institute Specification for colours for special and mixed colours, particularly for military use. Includes scope, identification of colours with L*a*b* values and representations
[made by BSI.]
BS 2660 is an old colour standard for building and decorating, now largely superseded by BS 4800.
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The colours depicted are for guidance only. The displayed colour will depend upon the settings of your monitor and browser. Pearl, metallic and luminous colours cannot be shown adequately. The finished colour therefore, may not be as shown here. Using the fan decks is for your own risk. In addition, the colours of paints from different suppliers can vary - even for BS fan deck colours and change over time. Harzen cannot be held responsible in any way for any variance between these colours and those they are intended to match. Errors reserved. Made with NVU. 2017